How do I remove sensitive information from my question?

Last Updated: Jan 30, 2018 03:49PM PST
If you have posted confidential information in a question or comment on Experts Exchange, you will need to contact the Moderators to get this information removed. They will assist you in removing confidential information from your question text, a comment, a code snippet, or a file, as long as you provide a replacement for whatever needs to be removed.

Make sure that your replacement information, or "dummy data" still includes the necessary code or examples to keep the question thread intact for other users to follow.

Please avoid posting sensitive information in the future by following the guidelines provided here.

If you posted a question, comment, file, or code snippet that must be scrubbed of confidential or sensitive information, please follow these steps:
  • Prepare your replacement code, file, comment, or question by substituting any sensitive information with example data or "dummy data" (For example: you can replace a live URL with, or an email address with
  • You can use the comment ID, code snippet line, or file name to reference the location of the text or file to be removed. Please keep in mind: all replacement data must preserve the critical example code or reference data to keep your question thread and solution intact.
  • Find the question thread that contains the confidential information you need removed, an​d Report Question. For instructions on Reporting Question, view this support article.
  • In your report, simply describe your need to remove confidential information. Don't forget to specify the location(s), the text or file(s) to be replaced, and the necessary replacement data. See the screenshot below for an example.
  • If necessary, you can post a comment in the report thread with your replacement file or any additional information you forgot.

Our Moderator team will respond to your report in the order that it was received.

Please keep in mind that our Moderators will consider options for removal or replacement of any code or text as long as it does not compromise the integrity of the question.

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