A Guide to Achievements

Last Updated: Dec 27, 2016 02:50PM PST

You can earn achievements by participating a variety of activities on the site.

You can see all the achievements you’ve earned on your profile, by selecting the Certifications view tab and scrolling down to the Achievements header. There are seven categories of activity in which you can earn an achievement.  All the achievements in these categories can only be earned once. You’ll receive an on-site notification for each achievement you earn. If you complete all items in a category, a badge will appear next to that section.
  • Getting Started contains tasks that are geared towards helping new users get accustomed to the site.
  • Community Participation contains tasks that emphasize sharing with others within and outside the EE community.
  • Asking Questions achievements can be earned by those who ask their own questions.*
  • Answering Questions achievements can be earned by those who answer others’ questions.*
  • BugFinder achievements can be earned by participating in your own or another user’s project.
  • Articles achievements can be earned by writing your own articles or participating on articles from other users.*
  • For Experts contains tasks that are geared toward experts who actively participate to earn points on the site.*

From your profile, click Full Achievement List (below the achievements you’ve earned) to be taken to the Achievements page. This page lists all of the achievements that are possible to earn and how to earn them. You’ll see the achievements that you already have earned highlighted with a green check mark. You’ll also see some achievements with an orange icon next to them. This icon denotes that there’s an additional challenge related to this achievement. Click the icon or scroll down to view the Challenges section of the page.

Challenges are broken into sections for daily, weekly, or monthly challenges. When you complete the challenge for the current day, week, or month, the challenge will be highlighted with a green check mark. The number of times you’ve met each challenge and the length of your current streak of consecutive completed challenges are listed to the right of each challenge.

* Note that all achievements exclude the Lounge and Community Support topics.

Looking for the support site achievement? Review the images below.
Curious about the achievements you already have? Check out this article.

Earned achievements in your profile.
achievements on profile

On-site notification for new achievements.

Earned and unearned achievements, and the Challenge icon on the Achievements page.

Daily Challenge section, with earned and unearned challenges.

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