A Guide to the Bounty Board

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2016 08:36AM PST
Our new Bounty Board allows Experts Exchange members to request article content about any technical subject. For instance, you might want to know more about how C# compares to Java, or you might want to gain a better understanding about how to use a certain Microsoft Excel formula. Experts can “claim” a “wanted” Bounty Board article, write about it and earn points for sharing their expertise with the community on a topic they know is in-demand.

With the Bounty Board, Experts Exchange community members can:

  • Request articles from Experts on subjects that you want to learn
  • Earn points and gain additional recognition for writing high-demand articles
  • Find targeted content to increase your technical knowledge

To request a Bounty Board article (a “Wanted Subject”), please follow these steps:

  • Email bountyboard@experts-exchange.com to request a Bounty Board article
  • Please include the title of the article you are requesting and a description of what you are looking for so that the article author can provide exactly the type of article you are requesting.
  • We will email you back to confirm that your bounty can be placed on the Bounty Board.
  • Once your article request has been confirmed, it will appear in the “Wanted” section at the top of the Bounty Board.
  • The description of your article will appear when you hover over the title of the article.

To claim and publish a Bounty Board article, follow these steps:

  • Select a “Wanted” bounty from the Bounty Board that you would like to cover.
  • Email bountyboard@experts-exchange.com to claim the Bounty, please include the Bounty title in the subject line.
  • Write and submit your article using our Article Wizard.
  • ‚ÄčOnce your article or video receives either “Community Pick” or “Editor’s Choice”,  you will be awarded bounty points. For more information about publication statuses, see this article.

About Bounty Points:

Bounty points will show up in the top right corner of a published article. The points awarded to the article author are added to the total article points received for publishing that article and will be added to the total number of Expert Points earned in the article author’s member profile.

All general inquiries about the Bounty Board can be directed to bountyboard@experts-exchange.com.

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