Can I get help with my homework question?

Last Updated: Feb 15, 2017 10:29AM PST
Yes you can. Please bear in mind the responsibility of maintaining academic integrity is the responsibility of the user who asks the Experts for help. We heavily encourage you to approach your homework in a way that promotes learning. If you have someone else do it for you, then you will not learn the skill your instructor is trying to teach you. Experts Exchange will co-operate with academic institutions in the investigation of academic integrity violations. 

Following these guidelines will help you get the assistance you need for your homework questions:
  • In the case of homework you will often want to be taught how to solve the problem rather than be provided the solution. Therefore it is in your best interest to clearly state your need for guidance in the original question post. 
  • Make sure to include the work that you've already done to complete the assignment, and explain specifically what issue(s) you're running into.
  • If you have a set of code that isn't working, attach it to the question and explain what the expected functionality is and the results that you're getting so that the Experts can help you fix these errors. By being as specific as possible, the Experts can provide you with higher quality solutions much faster.
  • If you think you know the answer, but just want someone to confirm that you're on track, then make sure to include that in your question body and the Experts can collaborate with you and fill in any gaps or get you pointed in the right direction.
  • Before posting a copy of the assignment, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are not infringing upon any copyrights associated with that post.


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