How to Find Members

Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016 03:23PM PDT
There are several simple ways you can find a member of Experts Exchange. The first way to find a member is by using the global search. This can be used if you know the real name or username of the member you are searching for.
To find a member by name
  • Using the header search bar, enter the name you are looking for, and search.
  • The member will appear in the Related Members section on the right rail
  • If this is not the person you are looking for, you can select View More and we’ll show you more possible matches.
 Search Header

Search Results

To find a member based on any other profile information (for instance, users with a certain Experts Exchange certification), simply enter your terms in the global search and view the same Related Members section to the right. 
Once you are viewing a set of member search results, you can use the refinement options to find profiles that meet additional criteria. For instance, you could find all Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals in the Access topic.

Refinement Options 

Your Results will automatically refresh when you select terms.

If you don’t know where to start when finding people to connect with, we have a few links available on the member index.

From this page you can:
  • Browse our Top Experts [1]
  • See the newest Experts with Master ranking [2]
  • Find Experts in each of our topics [3]
  • See who’s new to the community [4]
  • Find an Expert for hire [5]

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