How do I get my Article "Approved"?

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2016 08:48AM PST

An article reaches Approved status by achieving “Community Pick” status (awarded an additional 3,000 points once it reaches 15 “good” votes from members of the Experts Exchange Community) OR “Editor's Choice” status (Experts Exchange Editors identify the article as an exceptional submission and would like to recognize it as such).

You article must include the following in order to be considered for “Editor’s Choice”:

An Editor’s Choice article will have an introduction that explains what the reader will learn in the article.

  • The introduction will clearly explain the topic that will be discussed
  • The reader should receive an understanding of what the writing will be about

Body or Article Outline
An Editor’s Choice article will have paragraphs that support the topic(s) outlined in the introduction.

  • The reader should be able to learn from your article based on the subject points or arguments presented within the article
  • The ideas in the article are clearly presented and ordered
  • The article paragraphs flow from one topic to another

An Editor’s Choice article will have a conclusion that summarizes the article.

  • The conclusion should not restate the introduction
  • The conclusion should contain a definitive statement that supports the arguments or points made in the article

Grammar and syntax
An Editor’s Choice article is grammatically correct.
  • No run-on sentences or sentence fragments
  • Correct and appropriate use of punctuation
  • Correct and consistent use of tense
  • Correct and consistent capitalization
  • Correct spelling
  • Consistent voice
  • Coherent and easily followed flow

Typically, two Editors must review the article and agree upon the promotion to “Editor’s Choice” status.

Here are some additional tips for an exceptional article:

  • Address a topic in sufficient depth so that novices and experts both gain from it
  • Define and address an audience and their need(s)
  • Demonstrate research and knowledge of the topic
  • Succeed at educating or provoking the reader (audience)
  • Make it sufficiently different (in a good way) from similar articles on the same topic or subject
  • Insure that it is well written and readable
  • Flow logically from one section to the next. It shows a command of syntax and grammar to be expected from a top contributor
  • Make it engaging, entertaining and educational
  • Include pictures, code examples or snippets enhancing the reading experience and making the article more engaging for readers.

Here are some examples to illustrate ideal Approved Articles: 

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