(APP) How to accept a solution

Last Updated: May 31, 2017 08:02AM PDT
  • Navigate to the question you would like to close. You can find a list of "My Open Questions" within the app's hamburger menu (the top right tab on the home screen), in the workspace section.
  • While you are viewing the question, click on "Accept as Solution" or Accept Multiple Solutions".
  • Select a grade. A higher grade will multiply the amount of points the Experts earn.
  • (optional) Add any comments or feedback related to the answers you're accepting. Perhaps something like "Thank you".
  • If you clicked on "Accept Multiple Solutions" then you will need to select which solutions to split points between.
  • Click the “Submit” icon at the top right of the window. The submit icon looks like a paper airplane, per operating system conventions.
If you accept your own answer then that initiates a "close request" on the question. Your question status will be pending closure for 4 days. This gives Experts a chance to object to the way the question was closed. If there is no objection then the question will be closed after 4 days.

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