(APP) Notifications

Last Updated: May 31, 2017 08:00AM PDT
One of the benefits of using an app is that you can receive push notifications on your device. In order to receive push notifications you must be using any iOS device or an Android device running Google Play Services. If you decline or are unable to receive push notifications then you can still read notifications. When logging into or starting up the app it will check to see if you have any unseen notifications and will set the notification count.

If you open the app's home screen, the top middle tab is see a bell icon. Next to that is the number of unseen notifications. Clicking on the icon will take you to your complete notification list. Unseen notifications will be more colorful or higher contrast while ones you've seen before will be plain. In order to dismiss a notification you may click on the remove icon (X) at the top right.

  • There will be an unseen notification count on the operating system's app launcher's icon
  • Within the app's navigation bar you will see an icon which has an unseen notification count

  • Within the app's action bar you will see an icon when you have unseen notifications.

Actions which trigger notifications
  • When someone comments on any app-related content (such as questions, articles, or videos) that you created, participated in, or monitored.
  • Any saved search you have setup for website notifications will also send you in-app notifications.

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