What options do I have for closing my question?

Last Updated: Aug 08, 2016 12:31PM PDT

The patented Question & Answer technology found on Experts Exchange puts the power in the hands of the asker for determining what information solved their problem or answered their question. As an asker, you are responsible for managing your questions, responding to Expert and/or Administrative comments, and to close your question when you’ve received an answer. To encompass all potential outcomes, you're given 5 options to close your question, as well as the choice to continue collaborating on your question if you still need an answer. Below we've outlined these options and a description to help you decide which option fits your unique circumstance.

  • Accept solution - The answer to your question was summarized in one comment provided by another contributor. To choose this option, click the "Accept Solution" button on the comment that solved your problem.


  • Accept multiple solutions - The answer to your question was summarized in more than one comment. To select this option, click the "Accept Multiple Solutions" button on the comment that best summarized the solution, then select the supporting comments you feel contributed to the solution.


  • Self-solved - You found the solution yourself or using another source. To select this option, summarize how you solved the problem (include any relevant links) and post as a comment, then click "Accept Solution" on that comment.


  • Self-solved with help - You found the solution yourself or using an outside resource, but the contributions or discussion helped you reach the final solution. To select this option, summarize how you solved the problem (include any relevant links) and post as a comment, then click "Accept Multiple Solutions" on that comment and select any supporting comments.


  • Delete the question - No answer was found and you no longer wish to work on the problem. This excludes answers such as "You can't do that" or "This won't work the way you want it to". While undesirable, these are sometimes valid answers. To delete your question, click the "Delete Question" button in the lower right-hand corner of your question body and provide a brief explanation for why you're no longer interested in working toward a solution. Be sure to thank the Experts for their time - they'll appreciate it!


  • Get more help! - If you decide that you do want to keep working on your question, but it's been a few days or even a few weeks since it's seen any action, then you can request additional help. First, make sure you've responded to all the Expert comments and provided any information or files they ask for (or explain why you're unable to provide said information or files). Next, check that you've allowed 24 hours for the Experts to respond to your most recent comment, and if so, go ahead and click the "Request Attention" button. You'll be given the opportunity to explain why you're requesting attention - where you can simply state "Can you help me get more attention on my question? Thank you!"

If you need any help with your question, you can contact our on-site Moderation Team. Requesting Attention is the most effective method for getting in contact with them, but you can also reach them by posting a new discussion in the Site-Support group.

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