How can I provide live one-on-one help?

Last Updated: Jun 07, 2017 10:01AM PDT

You can provide one on one help with technical problems on Experts Exchange in Live. Live allows Expert consultants to provide real time support for clients.

Becoming a consultant

1. Register

  • Go to the Live product

  • Find the experts wanted section in the left hand navigation and select sign up

  • Connect your PayPal Account by clicking “Authenticate to continue”

  • Review Live Consultant Facilitation Agreement and click checkbox to agree

2. Mark yourself as available

  • Click status dropdown shown next to the Live logo

  • Choose your status:

    • Available : anyone can contact you for one on one consulting help

    • Away : anyone can contact you, but you are away and will return soon

    • Unavailable: unable to respond to requests at this time

3. Complete your Live Profile

  • Set Your Topics – Define what topics and problems you want to consult on. You will not be shown in suggestions for help requests until you set up your topics.
  • Set Your Rate – What is your time worth? Establish your hourly rate.
  • Set Your Schedule – Let clients know when you're available.
  • Customize Alerts – Control what updates you receive and how they're delivered.

At this point, you may begin receiving new requests from clients. You'll see new requests show up on the Conversations Tab or in the footer notification interface. You can also receive email, onsite, or browser notification when a new conversation is requested depending on your alert settings.

Acting on a request for help:

  • View the request in the Conversations Tab - this will include a details of the problem that the client is looking for assistance on and the related topics

  • “Accept” the request if you would like to help the client

  • “Deny” the request if you cannot help them or do not have the time. Optionally, you can provide a reason for denying the request.

  • A client can choose to cancel a request before you respond. If this occur, the request and cancellation will appear as a part of your history

  • Please note: If you do not respond to the request within 15 minutes, the request will expire to allow the client to find another consultant. Your status automatically be set to "Away".

Assisting your client

  • The first 5 minutes of support are free of charge to the client. Use this time to work out the details of the problem and complete any additional setup either party may need to make.
  • The client may choose to add additional time at any point in the conversation
  • After the first 5 minutes expires, the client will be prompted to add time if necessary and submit payment information. You must then either “Accept” or “Deny” the client’s request for additional time, which can be for 15, 30, or 60 minutes.
    • If you do not feel comfortable helping the client after the first 5 minutes, choose “Deny”

    • You may send a message to the client explaining why you have declined
      ​​If you Accept, you are expected to be available to work with the client until the purchased time is completed. Accepting marks the beginning of your paid time.
      If the client dismisses the payment prompt, you will be notified via a system message that the payment was not completed. You may ask your client to add additional time at any point after this dismissal.

  • ​The system will automatically post a message and change the timer color when you are still connected during expired time (previously free or paid time).
  • Continue as necessary

  • If you would like, you may "pause" the timer at any point (free or paid time)

    • ​If the timer is paused, the client will not be asked to add additional time until it is resumed, and the current time allotment has expired

  • You may choose to end the conversation at any point during the free time period or after paid time has expired

Your payout for all Live conversations is based on your hourly rate, and the total amount will be credited once your conversation with the client has ended. See this article to learn more about setting your hourly rate. For more information about fees and pricing, see this article.

To view your total earnings, view your Earnings Dashboard.

 Select Live

Help Others
Experts wanted
Connect PayPal account.

Terms agreement opt-in

Set your status.

Set availability status

Status Icons

New request in Live

New request notification in Live

Responding to a request.

Provide a reason for denial.

Conversation active.
Active conversation indicator

Accept or Deny Time


Waiting for payment

Payment Dismissed / Not Completed

Expired Time

Pause Timer

Asking for more time

Message when client declines to purchase more time

End a conversation.

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