How can people find me on Live?

Last Updated: Feb 20, 2017 08:55AM PST
Clients can find consultants on Live in multiple ways (screenshots below):
  1. Suggested Consultants List
    • Clients can draft a help request, which includes related topics
    • Experts Exchange will then show suggested consultants based on those topics
      • Consultants are shown according to availability and rank in selected topics
        • "Available" or "Away" status consultants are shown first
        • Consultants are then ordered by their certification level in the selected topics, e.g., a Guru in PHP is shown above a Master in PHP

Your name will only be listed in suggestions if you have entered your topics in your Live profile. To learn more about opting in and your Live profile, please see this article.
  1. Network Search
    • Clients can use the "Availability" filter and select "Live"
    • This will show all members with their product availability set to either "Unspecified" or "Accepting"

For more information on setting your availability per product, please see this article.

Suggested Consultants

Network Search Availability
Network search availability

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