How can I get live one-on-one help?

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2016 08:41AM PDT

You can receive one on one help with your technical problems on Experts Exchange in Live. Live allows you to get real time support from a consultant. Follow the steps below to navigate to Live and get started (screenshots below).

  1. Log in to Experts Exchange

  2. Select “Live” from the top navigation bar

  3. Enter your problem and related topics into the request form

  4. Select a consultant from the suggested list

  5. Click “Request”

  6. Fill out your payment information (you won’t be charged yet)

  7. Wait for a response from a consultant


To cancel your request, simply select the consultant you’ve sent the request to, click the “Cancel” button, and confirm that you wish the cancel the help request.


The first 5 minutes of your conversation are free. Use this time to work out the details of your problem and complete any additional setup either party may need to make. If you need more than 5 minutes to solve your problem, you can continue speaking with your consultant until your goals are clarified. At this point, you should begin paid time by selecting “Add Time”. For more information about adding time to your conversation, see this article. You may end the conversation at any time. Please note that you will not receive credit for any remaining purchased time.

Select Live
Live in Header

Enter request
Enter request details

Select a Consultant
Select a consultant

Fill out payment info
Client collect payment info

Client sent request

Client cancel request

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