What is Careers by Experts Exchange?

Last Updated: Feb 12, 2016 04:57PM PST

Are you searching for your dream technology job? Are you after that perfect candidate for your company’s job opening? Careers by Experts Exchange connects companies looking to fill full time technology positions with our vast community of professionals.

Here’s how it works:

Log in and either apply for a job or post one!

If you are a candidate, search or browse open jobs. You can filter by location, salary, and date posted, or simply search for keywords and topic areas. Click the job title to upload a resume and cover letter, either on the Careers page or on the company’s external site.

Use your Experts Exchange profile to set yourself apart. Potential employers want to see how much you have to offer, so be sure that your profile reflects your personal and professional achievements.

If you are a company, simply click “Post a Job” and fill in the details! You can accept resumes through Experts Exchange, or add an off-site URL if you’d rather use another format. Be sure to include a salary range, relevant details, and any perks that your company brings to the table in order to attract high-quality candidates.

Track candidates and manage your job posts in “My Job Posts”. You can edit, add time, and manage applications anytime to help you find the perfect match. No matter how long your post is scheduled to run, it refreshes every 30 days in order to stay in front of potential candidates.

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