Community Expectations

Last Updated: Oct 25, 2018 02:55PM PDT

Have fun and enjoy learning in our community of technology of professionals. Experts Exchange gives you access to technology experts, which includes networking and socializing with these professionals on the site.

Be ready to participate in any question that you ask. We expect our members to approach Experts Exchange as a collaborative process, which means that you may be required to respond to questions from experts who are trying to help you, or vice versa.

Award points to experts by closing your question in a timely manner. Our volunteer experts work hard to ensure that solutions are found, and rely on this step to tell them that their help is effective.

Respect other members and be professional in your interactions. While healthy debate is acceptable when conducted in a professional manner, be mindful of your tone, language, and stay on topic. Personal attacks of any kind are not welcome on our site.

Guide new users in their quest to become successful members of the community. Veteran members understand the etiquette, and we encourage them to mentor new members in order to foster a collaborative environment. Asking a member’s experience level may be a helpful first step in these interactions.

Be mindful of other cultures within the global community that is Experts Exchange. We have a diverse membership, so language barriers may present themselves in daily interactions. Any challenges with communication should be met by all members with respect and understanding.

Be thorough in your contributions. Whether asking questions or providing step-by-step instructions, providing sufficient detail is imperative to maintaining our quality standards and ensuring positive, helpful interactions.

Be careful of the information you post. Experts Exchange is a public community, so it is vital that you exclude any private or sensitive information.

Be honest in your participation in the points system. Points are valued for bragging rights, expertise, credibility, and free membership. Any abuse of this system will not be tolerated.

Give credit where credit is due. We ask others to respect our copyrighted content, and expect our members to do the same with external information.

Request Attention if you wish to report a post that violates the Terms of Use or community guidelines. Using this system will alert a community volunteer to moderate the thread on your behalf.

Be Constructive when providing feedback in member ratings. Keep your comments professional, specific, and sincere. Any comments in violation of the Terms of Use will be removed.

Do not spam the community with advertising or self-promotion unless you have a certified Experts Exchange Vendor Member Type. Be sure that if you are citing a product or company, it is highly relevant to the discussion. Posts found to be irrelevant are subject to moderation.

Do not post blind links to external websites. Take the time to articulate the information you are trying to share rather than simply posting a link without context. Your peers will appreciate the effort, as it greatly improves the quality of content. For more information on using off-site content, see this support article.

Posts or comments that suggest illegal or immoral activity will be removed at the discretion of Experts Exchange.


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