Video Upload Guidelines

Last Updated: Jun 09, 2016 02:12PM PDT

Video Guidelines

The goal of each video is to teach the user a specific task that they will be able to complete after watching the video, or a theory that they can understand and use in their work. The video should accomplish this goal in five minutes or less. The tutorial script should follow this format:

Step 1


Begin the video by stating your name, who you are, the task or theory that will be covered (the goal) and how you will accomplish it. For example: “Hello, this is Bob Smith, and I will show you how to develop pivot tables in Macintosh Microsoft Excel 2008.” Please ensure that you call out software version and operating system as appropriate. Introductions should not exceed 15 seconds.

Step 2


Record each step used to complete the task or understand the concept covered in the introduction. Be sure that all actions performed are clearly contained on the recorded screen (or offline video of physical actions), and that the quality of the recording allows a user to easily see details for all steps performed. When navigating on the screen, please use your mouse instead of keyboard commands so that the viewer knows where to click.

Step 3


After you have recorded all steps, reiterate the goal of the video and demonstrate the completed task or concept.

NOTE: Experts Exchange will add an intro and outro animation to each video so there is no need to include these.

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