Can I request a particular time to meet?

Last Updated: Aug 04, 2016 11:44AM PDT
Yes! As a client on Live, if your desired consultant is not currently available, you can request a particular time to meet up with them. If the consultant has set their usual hours of availability, then you can also select a time from within that range to help make scheduling easier.

To request a time with a consultant that is not online
  • Submit your help request
  • You can request a time from any experts in the “unavailable” list
  • Their card will show if their next anticipated available time or if they have flexible hours
  • Click Connect
  • Use the menus to suggest a particular time. You can also view their complete schedule to help find a good time
  • Include a short message describing what you need help with
  • This will send an onsite message to the consultant with your desired time and description
  • Follow-up messages to confirm the meeting will be handled via the onsite messaging system

Alternately, you can also request a time by:
  • Going to a consultant’s profile page
  • Go to the Live availability section and click the Connect button
  • Then follow the same steps as above for requesting a particular time

Connecting with an offline consultant from Live

Requesting a particular time

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