How do I close my question?

Last Updated: Aug 03, 2018 03:42PM PDT

We are excited to announce our new Question & Answer

Over the past several months, while testing changes to the Question and Answer process, we have gathered a great deal of feedback and perspective from all of you. You’ve helped us define the most troublesome elements of the existing Q&A workflow, and worked with us through our initial tests. For that we are extremely grateful.

How do I close my question?

Comment Interactions
As answers are posted to a question you are encouraged to interact by responding to a simple question at the end of each comment:

If a comment did not help or outright solve your question, it can be collapsed. We’re also working toward using this information to alert experts and site volunteers to questions in need of further help in situations where most—or all—comments have been collapsed. 

A helpful comment that did not quite answer the question still deserves some reward. Along with the existing benefit of being highlighted in the author view as a helpful comment, the posting member will now also earn a small number of points, similar to receiving an endorsement on an article or video.

Once a comment solves the question, you only need to click “Yes” and the comment will immediately be set as a solution. 

No need to worry about accidental clicks; simply undo your selection for any of the above selections by clicking the “x” near the helpful or unhelpful text seen in each image above.

Multiple Solutions
Many questions have more than one solution or consist of several answers that combine into a comprehensive solution or walk-through. In those cases, you can simply click on “Yes” for every comment that solved your problem. Once one solution has been selected, the question is treated as solved, but questions in the beta program allow for any comment, even new comments, to be accepted as solutions at any time. Each solution earns points without a finite point pool limiting the total rewards and multiple comments from one member each earn points.

While each solution earns the same number of points, the extra efforts of individual participants are rewarded by the potential of having multiple comments selected as solutions and by bonus points outlined in the next section.

Resolution and Bonus Points
Once you have selected one or multiple solutions and received all the help you need, you can then recognize individual participants by awarding bonus points and leaving a comment of gratitude for their help.

Bonus points are determined by the sliders at the right of each participant's avatar, and the slider's starting position is determined by the author's interactions with that question. These starting positions are merely suggestions and you have the ability to adjust them.

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