What is an Inactive Question?

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2018 11:11AM PDT
Inactive Question State 
If a question has not received a comment from anyone within the last 14 days it goes into a new “Inactive” state.

Inactive question state details: 
  • Only Participants, Author, Mods & TA’s have the option to comment
  • Once a comment is posted the question is no longer in the inactive state
  • Participants can request to close the question by selecting the best/assisted solutions.
  • If closed by a participant, it triggers our standard “Close Request Pending” process where Participants, Authors, Mods and TA’s have the 4 days to object to how the question is being closed.
  • If no one objects, the question is closed as recommended  
  • If someone objects, the question remains in the inactive state

Inactive question message to participants:

Inactive question message to non-participants:

Inactive question message to non-participants:

Additional notes: 
  • Participants will receive an email letting them know when the question goes into the inactive state eg "Help resolve this question."
  • Authors will still receive the abandoned question email
  • Inactive state is an available filter in advanced search

Close Request Objections & Request Attentions
Objecting to a close request will automatically file a request for attention. The ability to request attention is available for anyone to use as necessary. 

Inactive question in the process of being resolved:

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