Creating a Course

Last Updated: Dec 04, 2017 11:24AM PST
Interested in teaching others by creating a course? Start off by going to Contribute -> Create a Course. Or by going to Products Courses Create a Course.

When making your course, you'll want to add your course title and a course image. 

Additionally you’ll want to determine if your course can either lead to a certification or is a course package. If your course does lead to a certification or is going to a be a course package you can select the checkbox and enter the appropriate information for the members viewing your course.

  •  Courses qualify if, upon course completion, students can take an exam to receive an official certification.
  •  Course packages are comprised of numerous courses or subjects, and may or may not lead to a certification opportunity. Course packages are offered at a discounted rate, when compared to individual course enrollment.
You’ll then set up the basic description information, such as:
  • what the course is about
  • the general category it’s most suited for
  • the student’s experience level
  • a featured image
  • what topics apply
  • any required software
  • specific skills needed

You’ll also set whether you want to provide this course at no cost to Premium Members, or if you’d like to charge for the course. Creating a free course will earn you 10,000 points, more than enough to gain a free month of premium service, once published.

Setting up your course curriculum is the next part. Here, you’ll structure your course into major sections and lessons within each of those. You can also add sub sections to a section when formatting your course. When making lessons, first indicate if it’s a video or an article. For videos, you’ll upload the video file and add a description. For articles, you’ll write the content directly in the editor.

Adding a section

Writing the section title and description

Adding a sub section 

Adding a lesson

Lesson added

We also recommend creating and adding an Intro Video for your course. This Intro Video is freely available to anyone and is a great way to help potential students know more about your course, so they can better decide if they’d like to enroll.

When you’re done with your course, you’ll submit it for editorial review. (Note that if you’ve chosen to sell your course, you’ll need to have your PayPal account linked prior to be able to submit for review.) Our editors will check for any major issues and work with you if anything comes up. If the course needs additional work, then you’ll receive a notification and can check the Editor Comments on your course to review the feedback and ask any questions.

Check out the Course Guidelines for more information on creating your course and the approval process.

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