The text formatting buttons are grayed out

Last Updated: Jan 15, 2016 05:59PM PST
If you’re unable to see or use the text formatting buttons on your question, Article, or comment, you can use the tags below to format your text.

Text Formatting

  • Underline: [u] to start, [/u] to end
  • Bold: [b] to start, [/b] to end
  • Italic: [i] to start, [/i] to end
  • Text formatting can be mixed and used within Steps, Bullets, and Quotes
  • All formatting tags must be closed within the container they were started

Adding Links

  • [url=""] to begin the link tag
  • [/url] to end the link tag
  • Example: [url=""]Link name[/url]
  • Links can be used within Steps, Bullets, Quotes, and Indents
  • Links can have text formatting (bold and/or italic) within them

Adding Steps

  • [step="number of step" title="title of step"] will format a step number and title
  • [/step] will close the step formatting
  • Title can be left blank

Adding Bullets

  • [bullet] will begin formatting a bullet point
  • [/bullet] will close the bullet formatting
  • Each bullet point must be formatted separately

Adding Subtitles

  • [subtitle] will begin formatting a subtitle
  • [/subtitle] will close the subtitle formatting

Adding Indents

  • [indent] will begin formatting an indent
  • [/indent] will close the indent formatting
  • Indents can be nested within indents
  • Indents can have text formatting (bold, underline, and italic) within

Adding Code Snippets

  • [code] will begin formatting the subsequent text as a code snippet
  • [/code] will close the code snippet formatting

Adding Quotes

  • [quote] will begin formatting the subsequent text as a quote
  • [/quote] will close the quote formatting

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