I answered my own question. How do I close the question?

Last Updated: Apr 04, 2016 03:33PM PDT

If you answered your own question, you can post your answer as a comment and accept it as the solution to the question. Follow these steps (screen shots below):

  • Log into your Experts Exchange account.
  • Go to the question you would like to close. You'll find it under "My Open Questions" in your workspace.
  • Post a comment that contains the answer you found to your question.
  • On that comment, click "Best Solution". Click "Next" on the bottom rail and you will be redirected to the Award Points and Grade page for your question.
  • Leave a comment explaining the reason you're accepting your own solution.
  • Click "Close Question".

You'll be redirected back to your question, which now has a close request pending. Your question will be pending for 4 days. This gives the experts a chance to object to the way the question was closed. If there is no objection, the question will be closed after 4 days.

Made a mistake? Just post an objection to the question to cancel your close request.

If you answered your own question but want to award points to the experts, you can follow these steps.

My Open Questions

Choose your own comment as the best solution.

Provide a reason.

Close request pending.

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