A Glossary of Commonly Used Terms and Abbreviations

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2018 11:09AM PDT

Admin: Site Administrator


BA: Business Account


VE: Vendor Expert


Badger: Informal term for Community Volunteers


Cloud Class: Now known as Video Tutorials.


CS: Community Support, or sometimes Customer Service


CV: Cleanup Volunteer, or sometimes Community Volunteer


DE: Designated Expert


EE: Experts Exchange


LL: Lounge Lizard, or user who participates actively in the Lounge topic


Mod: Moderator


NQ: Neglected Question


PAQ: Previously Asked Question(s). This refers to both individual questions that have accepted solutions, and the database of all questions with solutions.


PE: Page Editor


QE or QPS: Qualified Expert, formerly Qualified Premium Services


RA: Request Attention or Request for Attention


TA: Topic Advisor, and Expert in a specific topic.


Topic: Categories of technology covered by Experts Exchange. Formerly known as Topic Area orZone. View a list of all Experts Exchange Topics.


UIS: Used In Solution. This refers to extra points that authors receive when their Article or Video was referenced in a solution to a question.

PS: Premium Services

MVE: Most Valuable Expert

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