How do I attach a file to my question?

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2016 08:18AM PST
When you attach a file to your question, please make sure it doesn’t contain any sensitive information that you would not want to seen by the general public. (For more information, see this article.)

You’ll see an “Attach File” link below the text entry box when you ask a question, write an article, or post a comment. Click on this button to bring up the file upload interface (screenshots below.) 

A pop-up window will remind you that the information attached is posted publicly. 

Click “Browse”, then “Choose File” to select the file you need to upload. Note that the size limit is 50 MB and you can reference our support article for  a list of accepted file types, or lick “More” beneath the “Browse” button to see a complete list. Click “Upload File” to attach the file.

When your file is successfully uploaded, it’ll be listed under the body of your content, above the “Select Topics” section. For each file you attach, you need to enter a description that will appear as a caption when you attach the file.

If you click “Embed” next to a file, it will generate some text in the text entry box (where the body of your question is) that will look like this: [embed=file 604259] with a unique file number. You can move this text around and the file will be added to your question at that point in the body. You can also embed your file by clicking the picture icon at the right of the text formatting buttons.

You can Remove any file that you’ve uploaded by clicking “Remove” next to it.

When you submit your question, comment, or article, your files will be attached to it.

Attach File button.

Choose File and Upload buttons. 

An attached file.

Alternate embed file button on text format button menu.

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