What happens if there is an Objection posted on a question?

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2018 11:05AM PDT
When a question is closed by:
  • the author accepting his own comment as a solution,
  • a participant accepting a solution on an inactive question, 
  • a volunteer selecting a solution as part of the clean-up process,
  • or if a question is deleted after it has expert participation on it
it goes into a four-day closing process. During this time, any participant in the question can post an Objection if they disagree with the way the question is set to be closed.

When the Objection is posted, the closing process stops immediately. If additional assistance is required a Request for Attention can be filed, this will alert the Moderators to the Objection.

The Moderators will review the question, its proposed answer, and the Objection, and will get input from the question participants in order to make a judgment on how the question should be closed. They will either ask the author to close the question again, or they will close it themselves as they see appropriate.

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