Where can I share some information about myself with other users?

Last Updated: Sep 12, 2016 11:44AM PDT
You can post information about yourself on your profile, which will appear to members and visitors to Experts Exchange.

Log into your account and edit your profile by clicking your profile picture in the upper right corner of the site. Select "Profile" from the menu that opens.

On your Profile page, you’ll see that there are several sections where you can enter information.

The first is the top section which will give member's a quick overview of who you are and what you do:

  • Photo: Upload a picture of yourself to use as your photo around the site. This will appear on any thread you post in along with some information about you.

  • Name: Add your first and last name, which will appear on all of your posts on the site.

  • Location: Enter your country and postal code - we'll find the matching city and state. If we don't have postal code date for your country, you can manually enter this information.

  • Website: Add a link to a personal or professional website so others can see a portfolio of work outside of Experts Exchange.

  • Top Skills: Add the technologies you are most involved in to your top skills. You can select any topic on the site for your skills section, even without an Experts Exchange certification, so you can be found even if you're new to the site or haven't had a chance to participate in the community on those topics. Click "Add Top Skills" to select your topics.

  • Tech Certifications: Select "Add Industry Certifications" to enter  your industry-recognized technology certifications (such as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional). Select the issuing authority, followed by your certificate or award title. If available, you can add your specialization (e.g. “Access”), a validating URL and the year the certificate was earned. You can also add certifications by clicking the Certifications tab and  “+ Add Certifications”

Your overview section (found i the tabs below the top section) can be filled out to give members more specific details on who you are and what you do. This section's order is customizable so you can give the information you value most the highest visibility.

  • Quick bio: Use this 140 character section to give a creative summary about yourself​ (this section cannot be moved up or down)

  • Activity: This section is not editable but will show a basic summary of your activity on Experts Exchange

  • ​Professional Experience: Click “+ Add Position” to enter your company, title, location, employment period and job description. Check the “Present” checkbox for your current job.

  • Education: Click “+ Add School” to enter your school name, dates attended, degree earned, field of study and a description of your time for each entry.

  • Languages: Click “Add a Language” to enter the languages you speak and your proficiency level in those languages. 

  • Full Biography: Click “+ Add Full Biography” and share any additional information you would like to in the Full Biography section.

You can add multiple items to the overview section of your profile by clicking the “Add” button within the section. Click “Save” when you’ve completed an item. The changes you make to your profile will appear right away.
Once you’ve filled out your profile, you can edit it at any time by clicking in the section you want to change.
All editable sections of your profile are optional.

editing quick info

Editing your quick info

top skills interface

Adding top skills

overview tab location
Overview Tab

quick bio field
Quick bio section

overview fields
Add to Overview

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