How do I write an Article?

Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016 02:08PM PDT

Any member of Experts Exchange may submit an article to the community. The article should be relevant to technology, business processes or the IT world. It should have the goal of teaching other members about technology and/or your technology experiences.

Each article will earn points through each state of the editing process. To begin drafting your article, go to the Article Wizard using one of these two methods:

1. Click "Contribute" in the header, then click "Write an Article”.

2. Click "My Articles" in your workspace and then click the "Write an Article" button.

Make sure to review the Article Guidelines before beginning your article. All article requirements, and best practices are listed in the guidelines. The Article Wizard will guide you in crafting your article:

  • Title: Your title should be descriptive and should not be too long. However, it is okay to get a little creative with your title to attract readers.

  • Article Body: You can expand the text entry box by dragging the lower right corner of the box downward. Use the formatting buttons to organize the article and attach files, images, or code snippets to help illustrate your article, and the word count feature to track the length of your article (300 words minimum).

  • Select Topics: You will need to select only one topic for your article. You can browse the topic selector or search for the most relevant topic.

Once you have completed the Article Wizard, you can choose to save your article as a draft for further editing or submit it for review. Clicking "Save as Draft" will save your article as a draft and allow you to access and further edit it from your account. Click "Edit Article" to make changes to it as many times as you'd like, no one will view your article until it is submitted.

When you are satisfied with your article and are ready for it to be reviewed and available on your profile, click "Submit Article". 

For an article to be accepted for publication at Experts Exchange, it must pass the minimum criteria below. The article should be well formed English and must pass a basic readability test. Your article must:

  • Use correct punctuation and grammar

  • Not have misspelled words

  • Any acronyms are defined within the article

  • Not contain links to external sites for SEO, or other commercial or non-educational purposes. All external links must be relevant to the article

  • Not contain advertising or promotional material

  • Pass the content detection check for duplicate content

Each article will earn points through each state of the editing process. Each state that is applied to an article is worth 3,000 article points. There are a total of 9,000 article points available to an author for any article they submit for publication. In addition to article points, articles will earn points for page views and votes or by being used in a solution to a question. 

  • Each page view is worth one point. 

  • Each vote is worth 100 points. 

  • Each time your article is used as a solution, it will earn 500 points.

There are three article publication statuses that signify the quality, points, and visibility. For more detail on publication statuses, click here.


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