Who are Page Editors?

Last Updated: Dec 22, 2015 07:41AM PST

The Experts Exchange Page Editors are Community Volunteers who handle the Article review and publication process. They also determine which Articles are deserving of the  “Editor's Choice” status.

They have backgrounds in publications/publishing and are familiar with common editing techniques. Page Editors want to help you publish your article; they will provide feedback during the publication process, and will guide you in becoming a better author, but they will not rewrite or be a co-author for an article. For specific questions, check out these topic areas for Proofreading and Technical Writing.

When interacting with Page Editors, your article will typically receive feedback. The feedback is provided in order to help you improve your article and make it a higher quality piece for the community. In general, Page Editors will not advance your article through the different states unless the feedback is incorporated into your work.

Follow these best practices when interacting with Editors:

  • Be cordial with your Page Editor

  • Work with the Page Editors to improve the quality of your article

  • Objections to feedback should be articulated with your points of view and handled diplomatically with the Page Editor

  • Conflicts with a Page Editor will be arbitrated through the Request for Attention process

You can review the Experts Exchange Article Guidelines here, and view a full list of the Experts Exchange Page Editors here.

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