How to Succeed at Experts Exchange as an Author

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2016 08:27AM PST
Here are some best practices to keep in mind when you are writing articles on Experts Exchange.
  • Read the Article Guidelines before you start. All articles are reviewed by our team of Page Editors, and your article will need to meet all requirements in order to be published. Make sure you review the requirements and suggestions before you start to ensure you write an article that can be published.
  • Write something people can use. What do you wish there were an article on? What kind of questions do you see all the time? What have you discovered that has saved you time and hassle? Find a subject that other users can benefit from. It’s always best to write about something you’re familiar with; personal experience with the subject matter will make it easier to write about.
  • Edit your writing. Compose your first draft, and then edit, edit, edit! Stay focused on a single subject, and be clear and detailed in your explanations. Review the Article Guidelines whenever you’re unsure about what’s needed on your article. The more polished you can make your article before you submit it, the smoother the publication process will be.
  • Keep your audience in mind. Explain everything so someone else can understand it. Remember that many members of Experts Exchange are not native English speakers, so keep your language clear. You should avoid using slang, jargon, and abbreviations, unless you include definitions.
  • Check your work. Double-check all links, images, and code, and don’t forget spelling and grammar checks. The Page Editors will assist you with this in the review process, but having everything in place upon submission will get your article reviewed faster.
  • Cite your sources. Include links to cited material, even if that material is your own blog or website. All Page Editors will check for plagiarized material, and articles that have been plagiarized will be deleted.
  • Use the Page Editors’ expertise. They are here to help you get your article to a point where it is ready for publication. They have edited many articles and can assist you with any areas of your article that you think need work. Use private comments to communicate with them; they’re not visible to other users.
  • Aim for quality, not quantity. Take your time writing and editing your article. A high quality article can receive awards and votes that will earn it many more points after publication. The better the article, the more valuable it can become.
  • Learn from others. For an idea of what a good article looks like, check out some of our most successful articles under “Popular Articles” here.

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