I got an error message stating “All [i] tags must have a closing [/i] tag.” What should I do?

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2016 08:19AM PST

If you include [i], [b], or [u] as part of your post, you will need to format that text as a code snippet by using the “code” formatting button.



Our system uses opening and closing tags to format text, like so:

  • [i]This text[/i] will be formatted as This text.

  • [b]This text[/b] will be formatted as This text.

  • [u]This text[/u] will be formatted as This text.


This formatting requires a closing tag (such as [/i]) for every opening tag (such as [i]). The error message that “All [i] tags must have a closing [/i] tag” means that somewhere in the text of your question, comment, or article, you have entered [i] without [/i]. Note that you may also see this message with [b] or [u] in place of [i].


To include [i] without using it to format any other text, you’ll need to highlight the portion of your text that contains [i] and click the “code” formatting button. This will format all that highlighted text as a code snippet, and you’ll be able to submit your post without this error. You should try to format all code that you post as a snippet in this way.



This is how the text will appear within the body of your question.

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