Profile Support Pages

Last Updated: Sep 19, 2016 12:23PM PDT

Here's a quick reference guide to support pages that are about Profiles on Experts Exchange.

A Guide to Member Profiles
What is my Display Name and how is it different from my username?
Where can I share some information about myself with other users?
How do I create my username?
Can I change my username?
Can I share my profile with others?
How do I see all the questions I’ve posted?
What do the certifications displayed in member profiles mean?
What is Member Rank in my profile?
What is Topic Rank in my profile?
When do my point totals get updated?
How do I view my points?
A Guide to Achievements
Why do I already have some achievements?
Is there a place I can see how active I’ve been on the site?
How do I report a member profile that has inappropriate content?
How do I change my password?
How do I change the email address on my account?
Can I have more than one email address on my account?
How do I authorize auto-sharing for Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn?
How can I share what I’m doing on EE through social media?
How Qualified Expert status works
My account is suspended. What should I do now?
Accounts & Billing pages
What information got migrated from my old profile?

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