A Guide to the Personal Knowledgebase

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2016 09:02AM PST

You can view your Personal Knowledgebase in either detail view or list view, depending on what information you’d like to see when you look at it. (You can see screen shots of what each look like below.) Whichever view you select, along with the number of entries per page, will be remembered for your next visit to your Personal Knowledgebase. Your Personal Knowledgebase can hold up to 50,000 entries.

  1. Search bar. Search your Personal Knowledgebase by entering search terms and/or filtering by entry type or label.
  2. Add entry. Click this button to add a Link, File, or Note entry.
  3. Delete entry. Select the checkbox next to one or more entries, then click this button to delete the selected entries.
  4. Add labels. Select the checkbox next to one or more entries, then click this button to add one or more labels to all selected entries.
  5. Manage labels. This button takes you to the page where you can manage all the labels you’ve added to your Personal Knowledgebase. You can add, edit, or delete labels from that page.
  6. Entries per page. Select how many entries you’d like to display on each page.
  7. Entry type. These icons tell you whether the entry refers to a question, article, file, link, note, or member. The key below the list of entries explains what each icon means.
  8. Title. This is the title of your Personal Knowledgebase entry. Clicking on the title takes you to that entry.
  9. Labels. This is the list of the labels applied to each entry. Clicking on a label performs a search for items with that label.
  10. Copy. Click this button to copy the URL that leads to the question, article, file, link, or member profile.
  11. Go To. Click this button to follow the URL to view the question, article, file, link, or member profile.
  12. Edit. Click this button to edit the Knowledgebase entry.

Click here to see the list of all articles on the Personal Knowledgebase.

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