Using Off-Site Content on Experts Exchange

Last Updated: Jul 18, 2017 02:52PM PDT

You may use content that you found on Experts Exchange as long as you credit the original author and provide a link to the page where you found it.

Here are some guidelines to follow if you’re using content you found outside of Experts Exchange:

  • Links should only be posted to support a suggestion or comment, not as “the answer” to a question.
  • Please be sure to accompany each link with your own commentary that describes or summarizes the information found on the page and how it applies to the question. Keep in mind that links can break or become stale over time. Links posted without commentary are considered “blind”; if a link no longer works, any solution based on it is rendered useless. (See below for additional guidelines regarding external links.)
  • If you use content from another site, make sure you include the correct citations, references, and attributions. Usually this is as simple as a link to the site where the content originally appeared.
  • Always make it clear when you are quoting someone else. Plagiarism is taken very seriously at Experts Exchange, and will not be tolerated.

Recently, the guidelines for the use of external links have changed. While exceptions are possible, please keep them in mind as a general guide as you post on Experts Exchange:

Links that are acceptable

  • Internal links: Links to questions, articles, or other content at EE.

Links that are usually acceptable

  • Manufacturer’s sites (including forums): Remember that, as stated above, these should be accompanied by your commentary. Examples: Microsoft, HP, Dell, Oracle and WordPress all have forums that exist to support their products. Links to questions or documents of those sites are generally acceptable.
  • Member blogs: Links to member-owned blogs or sites. Again, make sure to provide your own commentary.
  • External links with commentary: Links to an external source should be accompanied with an explanation of how it is relevant to the problem being discussed. It is important to also clearly demonstrate your understanding of the content matter being linked to so that you may follow up on any further inquiries.

Links that are not acceptable

  • Blind links: Links with no commentary from the poster.
  • Solicitation links: Soliciting individuals to join other websites or services comparable to or competitive with Experts Exchange.

If you ever have questions about how to use off-site content appropriately, our Moderators will be happy to assist you. You can Request Attention on a specific question or open a new group discussion in the Site Support group to contact them.

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