A Guide to On-Site Notifications

Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016 02:51PM PDT

What will I receive on-site notifications for?

On-site notifications can be sent to you for a variety of events, including but not limited to:
  • When someone comments on any content (questions, articles, Expert Testing projects, or videos) that you posted, participated in, or monitored
  • When someone closes a question you participated in or monitored
  • When your article is published or earns an award
  • When you earn a new rank or shirt
  • When someone posts a bug on your Expert Testing project
  • When you earn Qualified Expert status, or when it lapses
These on-site notifications will be sent to you automatically. You will also receive email notifications for these events. In the future, we would like to allow all users to select how they’d like to be notified – via email, or on-site, or both.

In addition to the list above, you can now opt to receive on-site notifications for your saved searches. You can change this setting on any of your saved searches by following the instructions found here.

At this time, you will not be sent on-site notifications regarding the billing information on your account, such as when you change your billing plan or you cancel your account. You will also not be sent on-site notifications regarding your Business Account’s billing plan. You will still be sent email notifications with this information.

Where are my on-site notifications?

You can view your on-site notifications by clicking the bell icon in the header, directly under “Log Out” at the far right:

If you have new notifications that you have not yet seen, you’ll see a red number hovering above this bell icon. This number tells you how many on-site notifications you have not yet looked at:

Clicking the bell icon will display a list of all of your notifications. Once you open this list, the number of unseen notifications you have (the red number) will reset to zero. It’ll start accumulating again once you get new notifications. Notifications that you’re seeing for the first time will be bold, and notifications that you’ve seen before will not. From the list, you can click “View All Notifications” to be taken to your Notifications page.

You can also navigate directly to http://experts-exchange.com/notifications.jsp. This page lists all your recent notifications. You can see up to 100 notifications per page here. Notifications that you’re seeing for the first time will have larger font (A), and notifications that you’ve seen before will have smaller font (B):

How to use On-Site Notifications

Notifications are listed with the most recent event at the top of the list. On the Notifications page, each notification has a timestamp that will allow you to see when the latest events occurred.

Click on the notification from the list in the header to be taken to the page that the notification references. From the Notifications page, you will typically have some more items to click – including usernames, which will lead to that person’s profile.

If you no longer wish to see a notification, you can delete it by clicking the X in the upper right corner of it. You can click the X from the list in the header or on the Notifications page to delete a notification. It will be deleted in both places. If you wish to delete all of your notifications, you can do so by clicking “Delete All Notifications” at the bottom of the Notifications page. There is one kind of notification you won’t be able to delete: if you have an Abandoned question, your notification will stay in the list until you resolve that question.

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