A Guide To Member Profiles

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2018 03:52PM PDT

Take advantage of these features to show off your tech prowess on and off Experts Exchange. Learn more here.

Basic Info

Your basic info is shown in most areas around the site, and is easy to update. You can pick a photo for your profile image, update the name displayed at the top of your profile to your first and last name, and fill in your title, e.g., Senior Developer at SpaceX. These will be how you are known in all of your contributions to the site. 

Card Summary

Fill out this info to help other members of the community learn more about you at a glance. You can include: a personal website, your location, industry, top skills (we’ll highlight skills that you have Experts Exchange certifications in), and technology certifications.

card summary
Edit Basic Info and Card Summary

Live and Careers

Put yourself out there to connect with other Experts Exchange members and make money. Set your availability individually for Live to provide 1:1 technology help and Careers to apply for full-time tech jobs. 

Technical Certifications 

Show everyone your accomplishments outside of Experts Exchange by listing Microsoft MVP awards, IBM Champion status, or other tech certifications you’ve earned. If you can't find a certification, you can let customer support know and we will add it to the list of available certifications.

card summary of technology certifications
Quick view of tech certifications

full view of technical certifications
Full list of technical certifications

Interact with Network

Experts Exchange has a large network of members who you can interact with in different ways.

Most members will have Message buttons on their profiles. Clicking this button will allow you to send that person a private, direct message. Messages will be delivered to the on-site inbox, and can be replied to from there. Check out this article for more information on our messaging feature.

You can also use the Follow button to add that person to your network which will cause their contributions to show up in your News Feed. Learn more about following here.

message and follow interactions
Message and follow


This section will highlight more personal details that let other members get to know you. Your quick and full bio, work experience, education, and spoken languages can all be shared here. The order of this section is also customizable.

customizable overview section
Customizable overview


The contributions tab contains a search based interface which you can use to review a member’s activity on Experts Exchange. You’ll be able to see any questions, articles, videos, group discussions and testing projects from this page.


Here you’ll find the interface to update your technical certifications and awards, your Experts Exchange Certifications and your earned achievements.


The feedback tab will hold a summary of all of the ratings you've gotten through Live interactions.  Each result contains a star rating and a comment left by the other user.

Learn more about ratings here

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