What is my Display Name and how is it different from my username?

Last Updated: Sep 19, 2016 12:19PM PDT

Display names (which consist of your first and last name) will show in threads and in lists on the site instead of your username. You can set your display name by clicking the First and Last name fields on your profile.

  • Display names are optional; if one is not selected, your username will continue to be used
  • Display names don’t have to be unique
  • Display names can be changed
  • Display names cannot be used to log in
  • You can also see your username by clicking on your avatar image in a thread.

Note: If you created your account after June of 2016, your username is automatically generated based on your display name. Usernames continue to be unique by appending a numeric identifier to the name if other users on the site have the same first and last name.
first and last name fields


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