How do I author a Video Tutorial?

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2016 03:31PM PST
Experts Exchange is inviting subject matter experts to participate in the new and exciting Videos initiative. This new section will empower visitors with video based education across a number of topics through a rich and concise experience.

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Project Highlights

  • The goal is to create screen capture video’s with voice over that walk the view through specific concepts or tactical functions.
  • If more complex topics cannot be addressed within the 5 minute time frame, the concept can be broken into a series.

Experts Exchange Videos are succinct, focused videos that efficiently teach usable tech skills in under five minutes. Videos not only help Experts Exchange members do better work, but provide an online archive of your expertise, that can be used to supercharge your career. The production of these videos is not a complex process. By leveraging screen capture software (free and paid options) it is a simple process of navigation the concept or application and talking the user through what they need to understand.


Producing Videos

The goal of each Video is to teach the user a specific task that they will be able to complete after watching the video, or a theory that they can understand and use in their work. The video should accomplish this goal in five minutes or less.
The tutorial script should follow this format:


Begin the video by stating your name, who you are and the task or theory that will be covered (the goal) and how you will accomplish it. For example: “Hello, this is Bob Smith, and I will show you how to develop pivot tables in Macintosh Microsoft Excel 2008.”
Please ensure that you call out software version and operating system as appropriate.
Introductions should not exceed 15 seconds.


Record each step used to complete the task or understand the concept covered in the introduction. Be sure that all actions performed are clearly contained on the recorded screen (or offline video of physical actions), and that the quality of the recording allows a user to easily see details for all steps performed. When navigating on the screen please leverage your mouse instead of using keyboard commands so that the viewer knows where to click.


After you have recorded all steps, reiterate the goal of the video and demonstrate the completed task or concept.

NOTE: Experts Exchange will add an introduction and conclusion to each video providing title and author so there is no need to include any text overlay.

Experts Exchange Video Frequently Asked Questions

How long can a Video be?

Videos can be whatever length you want, but the best type of video should be kept at length of 5-10 minutes.  If a video will be longer than that, then breaking it out into series should be done.

How should I record Videos?

Videos should be recorded using screencasting software (and offline video equipment, when necessary.) If you do not already have screencasting software, we suggest using one of the following options:

In what video format/specification should Videos be saved?

The requested specifications for videos are as follows:
  • Video compressor/codec: MPEG4 (.mp4 or .wmv)
  • Video data rate: 6 MB or greater
  • Audio rate: 48,000 samples per second, 16 bit, Uncompressed (PCM) or MPEG Audio at 224 KB or greater
  • Image aspect ratio is 16:9 (i.e. no 1440x1080 encode with 16:9 DAR flag). 1920x1080p full HD at 24 frames per second. No telecine or any kind of interlacing should applied to online deliverables
  • Recommended frame rate of 24 or 23.976 (not 30, 29.97, or 59.94)
  • The pixel aspect ratio should be 1:1 (square pixels)
NOTE: The information provided above does not necessarily mean a complicated effort in configuration as in most cases the default setting in the screen capture applications already produce these results.

What materials do I need to submit for each Video in addition to the video file?

To submit a Videos for publishing, you will also need to submit the following text items for each completed video:
  1. Title for the Video
  2. Goal of the Video (for example “In this Video viewers will learn how to properly format headers in HTML using CSS.”)
  3. Description of the Video including version and operating system
  4. A written numbered list of the steps and each step's details described in the “Process” section of the video
  5. A list of topic areas (from to which the video is applicable
  6. An Experts Exchange username (which leads to an account with a completed profile.)   

How do I submit Video for publishing?

To submit videos, you should follow the process below:
  1. Submit the video for the encoding process.
  2. When you are notified that the encoding process is complete, click Edit and Submit it for final review.  This will send it to our Video Editors.
  3. When the Video Editors have finished reviewing the Video, they will publish it on site and notify you that is was successful.

Do I receive Experts Exchange points for publishing Micro Tutorials?

You can be awarded up to 12,000 points for a high-quality Video Micro Tutorial that is published to Experts Exchange, and can earn additional points from the community viewing and voting on your video.

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