How Following Works

Last Updated: Jul 09, 2018 10:16AM PDT

You will find the follow button on member profiles and other places around the site.

Follow button in profile

Follow button in member search results

Clicking the follow button adds that member to your network. You can see your entire network, which includes members you are following as well as members who are following you, on the Network section of your profile. A full count of how many people are in your network is also shown here.

View all to see your full network

New content from members you are following is shown on your home page.

Network Settings

There are several settings related to following, which you can adjust in the Communications section of the settings page under Network.

  • Do you want to follow and be followed by other members? This setting lets you enable or disable the ability to follow and be followed by other members of Experts Exchange. If you are interested in using the site to network, we recommend keeping this setting turned on.
  • Do you want to be sent notifications when someone follows you? You can be sent notifications on-site or via email if someone else follows you. Note that you can set up an email alert immediately with each new follow or you can receive daily or weekly digests.

Following settings under Communications tab

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