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Last Updated: Sep 24, 2018 03:25PM PDT

For Clients

Gigs is free for all Experts Exchange members to post projects, receive bids, and communicate with freelancers. If a client accepts a freelancer's proposal, Experts Exchange may charge a Usage fee in addition to the amount agreed upon between the client and freelancer. This amount is paid immediately upon accepting the proposal. See the chart below for the fee breakdown based on your membership plan.


For Freelancers

Gigs is free for all Experts Exchange members to create a profile, browse open projects, submit proposals, and communicate with clients. Once your proposal is accepted and the work is completed to the client's satisfaction, the project will be marked as accepted and the funds will be submitted to the freelancer's earnings. A 10% Facilitation Fee will be deducted from any earnings through Gigs.

Fee structure.

Membership Plan Client Project Fee (usage fee) Freelancer Project Fee (facilitation fee)
Basic 10% 10%
Premium 0% 10%
Multi-User 0% 10%


  • Ms. Client has a Basic Membership and submits a project with a budget of $250.

  • Mr. Freelancer submits a proposal for this project in the amount of $200.

  • Ms. Client accepts this proposal and immediately pays $220 ($200 for the proposal + 10% Usage Fee)

  • Mr. Freelancer completes the work to Ms. Client's satisfaction, the project is marked as complete, and funds totaling $180 are transferred to Mr. Freelancer's earnings ($200 for the proposal - 10% Facilitation Fee).


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