Live Pay Structure

Last Updated: Aug 24, 2016 09:59AM PDT

For Clients

Live is free for all Experts Exchange members to post help request, view available consultants, and communicate with consultants for the first 5 minutes of a conversation. If a client accepts a request to move to paid time, Experts Exchange may charge a Facilitation fee in addition to the consultant’s defined hourly rate. This amount is paid immediately upon accepting the addition of time to a conversation. See the chart below for the fee breakdown based on your membership plan.

Fee Structure.
      Membership Plan       Client Facilitation Fee
      Basic       25%
      Premium       15%
      Multi-User       15%


For Consultants

Live is free for all Experts Exchange members to create a profile, set availability and hours, review help requests, and communicate with clients. If a conversation enters paid time, once that conversation has been marked as ended, the funds will be submitted to the consultant's earnings based on their hourly rate.


  • Ms. Client has a Basic Membership and sends a help request to Mr. Consultant who has an hourly rate of $60.

  • Mr. Consultant accepts the help request and free time begins.

  • Free time ends and Ms. Client is asked to agree to paid time.

  • Ms. Client agrees to purchase 15 minutes for $18.75 ($60 / hr is $15 / 15 mins + 25% Facilitation Fee)

  • Mr. Consultant and Ms. Client converse for 15 minutes, the conversation is ended, and funds totaling $15 are transferred to Mr. Freelancer's earnings (based on $60 / hr for 15 mins time).

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For information about how payouts work, see this article.


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