How can I see who has applied for my job post?

Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016 08:35AM PDT

Once you have posted a job on Careers, you will have access to “My Job Posts”. You can access this page two different ways (screenshots below):

  1. Through on-site notifications. When a new candidate submits an application for your job, you will be notified via the on-site notifications. For more information about on-site notifications, check out this article.
  2. Navigating directly to

On this page you will see details about all of the jobs you have posted including the following:

  • Status of the job
  • Options to add time, close or re-open a job, and edit a job
  • The submit date
  • A countdown of how many days are left in your selected time frame
  • The number of candidates who have applied (if any)

If your job does have candidates, you can also review the submitted applications by clicking “Review all candidate(s)”. From here, you can:

  • Download resume and cover letter XX
  • E-mail the candidate directly by clicking the XX mail icon
  • View the candidates’ Experts Exchange profile by clicking on their avatar. This allows you to view Experts Exchange certifications awarded to the candidate as well as their history on the site

If you had candidates apply through an off-site link, you will not be able to review candidates on Experts Exchange. Your off-site link will display in place of the candidates.


Notification of new candidate.

Edit job post.


View candidates.


Post expiration countdown.


Download resume and cover letter, email, and view Experts Exchange profile.

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