What is the shared whiteboard space?

Last Updated: Jan 26, 2016 01:58PM PST

The shared whiteboard space is a special feature within Live. It is a section on the right hand side of a conversation that allows clients and consultants to share code and collaborate in real-time during their conversation (screenshots below).


To use the whiteboard space:

  1. Log in to Live on Experts Exchange and begin a conversation.
  2. Enter text within the shared whiteboard area at the right hand side of the conversation panel
  3. Updates will be shared with the other participant in real-time
  4. The whiteboard will show you when the other participant is updating, and you can view modifications in real-time.
  5. Typing is disabled while the other participant is updating
  6. The contents are saved for future use in your conversation history

Shared whiteboard space.


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