How can I view past conversations on Live?

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2017 09:12AM PST

When you participate in Live as a Client or Consultant, all of your conversations are saved within your conversation history. In order to access your past conversations and the shared whiteboard space associated with each conversation, follow these steps (screenshots below):

  1. Log in to Experts Exchange and navigate to Live
  2. Select the “Conversations” tab on the left-hand panel
  3. Select the conversation that you wish to view by clicking the name of the other participant
  4. Select the “History” link under the header
    1. The conversations are organized by time/date stamp
    2. All requests and cancelled requests are recorded here as well
  5. Locate the conversation that you would like to view and click “View Conversation”. Both the conversation and your shared whiteboard space will appear

Conversations tab.
Conversation list


View Conversation.

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