How do I add more time to my Live conversation?

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2016 03:31PM PDT

The first 5 minutes of your one on one support session in Live are free. Use this time to work out the details of your problem and complete any additional setup that either party may need to make. You may add more time at any point in the conversation, and will be prompted to do so at the end of your first 5 minutes.


To add additional time (screenshots below):

  1. The first available time increment is for 15 minutes
  2. Select “Add Time”, and wait for the consultant to agree
  3. Choose payment method and agree to the usage terms
  4. A system message will appear after a successful charge, which shows the amount of time purchased
  5. After the initial purchase of 15 minutes, “Add Time” will give you the option of adding an additional 15, 30, or 60 minutes (click here for pricing information)
  6. Continue to add time as necessary
  7. Elapsed time and total time available are shown in the upper right hand corner of the conversation panel
  8. When you have completed the interaction with a consultant, you should end your conversation.

Please note that you will not receive credit for any remaining purchased time.


Add time before time expires.

Add time location 

Add time after time expires.
Add time selector 

Verify payment and agree to terms.

Pay for time

System message with time added.


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