How do I close my question?

Last Updated: Apr 17, 2018 04:01PM PDT
In April 2018, the question closing process was enhanced to make the question closing process more fluid and easier for askers to close their question.  The introduction of the progress bar 'Quick Steps to Your Solution' was created to show the askers their progress.

e.g. The progress bar will guide you on how to close your question.

In order to close a question, a user must:
  • Mark the comments you found helpful.
    • ​Marking comments as helpful has replaced the Assisted Solution buttons.  Points are split automatically.  Select as many helpful comments as you like.
    • You are unable to mark your own comment(s) as helpful.
  • ​Marking comments as Unhelpful minimizes them from your view. 
    • You can remove this designation if you made a mistake.
  • When you're done marking comments as helpful, click "I have my answer" in the progress bar on the left hand side of the page.
    • ​If you're not ready to close your question and need to go back and mark comments as helpful, then click 'Cancel' in the progress bar.
  • Select the comment with the Best Solution.
    • ​You can select your own comment as the Best Solution.  Points will still be distributed to the other experts if you marked their comments as helpful.
  • Type a closing comment (optional).
  • Click 'Finish'.
  • Do you have feedback for us on this updated question closing process?  Please send us your feedback by clicking the 'Give us feedback'.

If you have any other questions or concerns please contact Customer Relations at 1-877-211-8911 or email us at  Or if you need moderator assistance please click 'Report Question' on your own question and submit a report to the moderators.


For step by step examples of how to close your question, please see these screen shots:

Mark comments you found helpful or unhelpful.

Comments marked as Unhelpful are minimized from view.

When you're done marking comments as helpful/unhelpful, click I have my answer.

Assigning rewards is made easy.  All you have to do is select one Best Solution...even if that is your own comment.  The point distribution was automatically taken care of by you marking comments as helpful in the previous step.  Made a mistake?  Click Cancel to start over to amend comments that were marked as helpful/unhelpful.

The Best Solution is what tells all readers that this is what helped you the most when solving your problem.

Type a closing comment (optional) and click 'Finish'.  This lets participants know that the problem has come to a resolution and the experts who helped you will be notified that they have solved your issue.

The question is solved and the experts have been awarded points for their contributions.  Congratulations, you're done closing your question!


Is there a way I can still choose how to distribute points?

Yes.  Click 'Classic View' to go back to the older question closing wizard.

How do I split points?

The process has become more automated with point distribution.  Simply marking comments as helpful splits the points for the experts.  Selecting a Best Solution and closing the question awards the most points to the expert who provided the Best Solution.

I made a mistake and closed my question.  How can I make changes?

Contact the moderators and they can reopen the question for you.  This will start the process over so you can close the question again.  To contact the moderators please click 'Report Question'.  This option is located just beneath your original post.  If you don't see it beneath your original post, then click 'View Full Question' and the option should appear.

I have some thoughts on this process I'd like to share with Experts Exchange.  How can I give them feedback?

Please click the 'Give us feedback'.  This is located at the bottom in the progress bar on the left side of the page.  Or
please contact Customer Relations at 1-877-211-8911 or email us at

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