What grade should I award?

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2016 08:20AM PST
When you close a question, you need to award a grade to the comment you're accepting as the solution. The grade will act as a multiplier for the points the solution receives:
  • A grade will multiply the points awarded by 4
  • B grade will multiply the points awarded by 3
  • C grade will multiply the points awarded by 2
A should be the default grade awarded unless the answer is deficient. An A grade means the solution provided is thorough and informative or is a link to information that answered the question. Any links that are posted will be accompanied by a summary of what can be found there and how it helps solve the problem.
B is the grade given for acceptable solutions, or a link to an acceptable solution. A B grade means the solution given lacked some information or required you to do a good amount of extra work to resolve the problem. When closing the question, the asker should explain why a B grade was awarded.
C should only be given for an incomplete solution that does not fully address or answer the question. A C grade should be awarded only after the asker has replied to all expert comments, provided all requested information, tried all suggested solutions, given the experts ample time to reply, and received clarification about the answer given. The asker must justify giving a C grade and give the experts an opportunity to improve it.  If the answer provided is incomplete or unsatisfactory enough to get a C grade, the asker should consider deleting the question entirely.

As an asker, you are expected to provide the experts enough time and information for them to understand and solve your problem. If you need clarification or more assistance, you should ask them for it so they can continue to help you.
As an expert, you are expected to provide a solution that fully addresses the asker’s question and shows that you understand the issue. If you post a link to another page or site, you should post an explanation of the link and how it can help the asker answer his question.
If you feel that an inappropriate grade has been awarded, you may use the Request Attention feature to contact the site Moderators, who are able to change the grade awarded at their discretion.

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