How do I Request Attention?

Last Updated: Feb 22, 2017 08:07AM PST

The Request Attention (RA) System allows users to ask for help from a Moderator when the following occurs:

  • You need more eyes on your question because you haven't received an adequate response to your question after 24-48 hours
  • You posted your question in the wrong topic and need to change it
  • You posted your question in only 1 or 2 topics and would like to assign additional topics to your question
  • You haven't received any responses to your question and you posted your question over 24 hours ago
  • There was a mistake made when closing the question and awarding points
  • The content or language in a question, article, video, Live conversation, Careers job post, or Expert Testing (formerly BugFinder) project or bug violates Experts Exchange Terms of Use
  • You have a question regarding the appropriateness of anything related to a question, article, video, Live conversation, job post in Careers, or an Expert Testing project or bug.
  • There is sensitive information on a post that needs to be removed (Please be specific about what needs to be removed, and provide a scrubbed version to replace it with). See here for more information.

The Request Attention button appears 24 hours after the question was posted, or after the first Expert comment is posted, whichever comes first. Once you've received Expert responses to your question, you must allow 24 hours for them to reply to your comment(s) before requesting more Expert attention on your question.

To request attention on a question, please follow these steps:
  • Log into your Experts Exchange account.
  • Find the question you want to Request Attention for.
  • Go to the 3 ellipses button below your original post.
  • Click on the Request Attention button, which will open the Request Attention page.
  • Enter your query and click Submit.

You can tell a question has an open Request for Attention if it has an red flag next to the title.  You can click that red flag to go directly to the RA. Only one request at a time can be open for each question, article, project, or bug.

A moderator will attend to your Request for Attention as soon as possible.  Request for Attention tickets are handled in the order in which they are received.

You can also report member profiles or report an abuse of the messaging system.

See screenshots below:

Request Attention on a question.

Request Attention form.

Request Attention is in progress.

Request Attention in a Live conversation.

Request Attention on a Careers job post.

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