How do I accept multiple comments as my solution?

Last Updated: Dec 28, 2017 09:58AM PST

To accept multiple comments as a solution, please follow these steps (screen shots below):

  • Log into your Experts Exchange account.
  • Go to the question you would like to close. You'll find it under "My Open Questions" in your workspace.
  • Click on "Best Solution" or "Assisted Solution" located on one of the comments that provided the answer to your question. You can select as many comments as are appropriate, and you have the choice to indicate which was the "Best Solution"
  • A summary of your selections will appear on the bottom rail. Click "Next" when you are satisfied with your choices, or "Reset" if you've made a mistake. 
  • You'll see the "Award Points and Closing comment" pop-up appear. The points will automatically be split, half will be awarded to the "Best Solution" and the rest evenly between all Assisted Solutions" you select. You can divide the points as you like by clicking "Edit Points". You may award up to 1,000 points, and you must award at least 20 points to all comments you select. 
  • If you'd like, leave a comment for the experts.  This is a good chance for you to say thank you to the experts and verify that the solution worked.
  • Click "Close Question".
You will be redirected back to the closed question.

Made a mistake? You can always request attention on your closed question. 

My Open Questions.

Choosing comments that contain your answer will expand the selection summary. 

Review your selection. Edit Points to change award distribution.

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