Who are the Community Volunteers?

Last Updated: Feb 23, 2017 03:39PM PST
Community Volunteers, informally known as “Badgers”, are users who give their time to help other members. All of them began as Experts, so they have an extensive knowledge of Experts Exchange. You will encounter the work of these individuals if you use the Request Attention feature, post in the Community Support group, come across a question that has been Abandoned by its author, or write an Article, among other things. You can spot a Community Volunteer by the badge on his or her profile:

There are different duties and job descriptions for different kinds of Community Volunteers.
  • Administrators (known as “Admins”) manage, train, and assist all other Community Volunteers, and they advocate for the community in regular communications with office staff.
  • Moderators (also known as “Mods”) assist new users, answer questions about the site, and help moderate discussions or disputes between members.
  • Topic Advisers (TAs, formerly known as Zone Advisers, or “ZAs”) use their expertise to help users get answers, and to assist new users in the use of Experts Exchange.
  • Page Editors (sometimes abbreviated “PEs”) review all Articles that are submitted, work with the authors to edit and polish the Articles, and then publish them when they’re ready.
  • Cleanup Volunteers (sometimes abbreviated “CVs”) go through all questions that have been Abandoned by their authors and determine how to close each one.

You can view our current roster of Community Volunteers here https://www.experts-exchange.com/whoWeAre.jsp

If you’d like to become a Community Volunteer, you can apply by emailing admins@experts-exchange.com

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