How do I see all of the questions I have posted?

Last Updated: Sep 12, 2016 11:25AM PDT

You can see all the questions you’ve posted on the History tab of your profile.

Log into your account and click your profile picture in the upper right, then click Profile to get to your profile. Click the Contributions tab, and you’ll see the history of your activity on the site. Click the “Questions” filter and refine your search to see the list of all questions you’ve participated in.

Under “Activity by Member” you can further refine the list of questions. Selecting “Submitted by” and refining your search will show you all the questions you have posted. Selecting “Any Comment by” will show you all the questions you’ve commented in. To see all the answers you’ve provided on the site, you can choose “Accepted by” to view your accepted solutions or “Assisted by” to view your assisted solutions.

Note that the sections of your workspace that show you your open, answered, or participated questions are limited to activity within the past 6 months, so they won’t necessarily provide you a complete look at your question history.

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