Can I use previously published material in my article?

Last Updated: Aug 15, 2017 07:54AM PDT

Experts Exchange takes pride in providing unique, original content for our users. When an author has a personal blog or has previously contributed a similar or identical article on another site, the following criteria will apply in determining if it can be accepted for publication:

  • A canonical URL must be provided during article submission if the content exists on another site.
  • A canonical URL notifies search engines that the page contains duplicate content from another web page to avoid search penalties.

As you are adding your article you should keep in mind of your audience on Experts Exchange and make any required edits that will help resinate with the reader. 

If you have used content you’ve found elsewhere on the web, make sure you only briefly quote other people's work, and include the correct citations, references and attributions. 

Editors do perform a content check on your article. A article that contains duplicate content may be deleted, and (for extreme or repeat occurrences) may result in account limitations that impact your ability to publish on Experts Exchange.

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